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Thứ sáu - 10/11/2023 01:51
For those who love the sport of running, they are probably too familiar with the National Mountain Cross Country Championship "Conquering Ba Ra Peak" which takes place every year in Phuoc Long town. Especially in November this year, there will also be a professional marathon tournament - the first Binh Phuoc marathon - Truong Tuoi Group, 2023. The tournament is hosted by Binh Phuoc Radio - Television and Newspaper (BPTV). , coordinate with departments, branches and localities to organize; The main sponsor of the tournament is Truong Tuoi Group Joint Stock Company.
In order to thoroughly prepare for the tournament, on the morning of November 2, the tournament Organizing Committee coordinated with functional units and Phuoc Long town to organize a survey of marathon routes.
Track of champions
The first Binh Phuoc marathon - Truong Tuoi Group, 2023 will take place in Phuoc Long town - a young urban area of ​​Binh Phuoc province, on November 26. Participating in the running race, athletes will have the opportunity to experience the roads of young urban areas, buildings with many historical marks in Phuoc Long, passing through the green of fruit trees and beautiful nature. , peaceful in a countryside rich in revolutionary tradition.

Runners participating in the first Binh Phuoc marathon - Truong Tuoi Group, 2023 will start at 6-1 Square, Phuoc Long town

Athletes participating in the tournament will explore famous landmarks in Phuoc Long town, including Phuoc Long Victory Monument.

Run across Dak Lung iron bridge

and immerse yourself in nature to the provincial monument where American and puppet crimes are recorded...
Coming to the marathon, athletes will compete at distances of 5km, 10km, 25km and 42km. The ambassadors of the tournament are Miss Peace Vietnam 2022 Doan Thien An, "Vietnam Marathon King" Hoang Nguyen Thanh and athlete Hoang Thi Ngoc Hoa, SEA Games 31 marathon bronze medalist. According to information from the Organizing Committee, The number of athletes registered to participate in the tournament has reached more than 2,000 people. A representative of VietRace365 Joint Stock Company, the tournament's running route consultant, said that with the theme "Running Track of Champions", the athletes will start at 6-1 Square in the center of Phuoc Long town. , straight to DT741 axis into the streets of the young urban area. On this route, runners will explore famous landmarks, such as: Phuoc Long Victory Monument, Dak Lung iron bridge, and the provincial relic area where the crimes of the US and puppet bombers were recorded. casualties for 300 innocent people. In the next leg, the athletes will be immersed in nature with the beauty of Thac Mo Hydroelectric Power Plant, Suoi Da Dam, Ba Ra Mountain and conquer extremely challenging winding and steep roads around the mountain... This is also are the most difficult sections on the marathon route at distances of 25km and 42km.

Coming to the main dam of Thac Mo Hydroelectric Power Station, there are vast clouds and water

Athletes will go around the spillway of Thac Mo Hydropower Plant with majestic scenery

Athletes and tourists can watch the sun rise on the top of Ba Ra mountain
Deputy Director - Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BPTV, Deputy Head of the Organizing Committee Phan Van Thao said: The race will officially start on November 26 and close the track at all distances on the same day. Through the prize, we aim to create an opportunity to promote the potential, strengths, natural beauty and hospitality of Binh Phuoc people to friends near and far. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to encourage and promote the movement of physical training and sports, improving health following the example of President Ho Chi Minh and finding and developing talents for the country's athletics. The organizing committee hopes that units will actively coordinate and support so that the marathon can be held successfully, safely and most practically.
Ready to welcome runners and visitors
In order to organize the tournament's contents well, BPTV, Phuoc Long Town People's Committee and related units have carefully prepared and coordinated many activities to survey the running route to ensure security and order. traffic safety, health safety for athletes and tourists. At the same time, strengthen propaganda and mobilize tourism service businesses in the area to participate in the running race. According to information from the Organizing Committee of the tournament, up to now, there have been 68 accommodation establishments and service businesses in Phuoc Long town to meet the needs of athletes participating in the race.

To thoroughly prepare for the marathon, the BPTV team directly went to the field to survey the running route from 3 a.m.

BPTV leaders and relevant units survey the race route of the tournament 

In addition to surveying the runway, BPTV leaders also surveyed and discussed plans to install internet lines and where to place live broadcast equipment to serve the public.
Many months ago, Phuoc Long has promoted beautification, cleaning and sanitation activities at the running track in the center of town. Plans to ensure traffic safety and remote vehicle navigation have also been carefully prepared. Phuoc Long town police will mobilize forces to ensure security, order and traffic safety. At the same time, on the day of the event, main roads in the urban area will be divided to avoid traffic congestion. At the same time, to ensure the safety of athletes and guests attending the tournament, the Town Medical Center has prepared a plan for human resources and equipment to respond to possible situations.

Leaders of Phuoc Long Town Police agreed on plans to ensure security, order and traffic safety

Leaders of Thac Mo Hydropower Joint Stock Company spoke at the meeting to agree on marathon routes at distances of 25km and 42km in the management area

Representative of Phuoc Long Urban Management Department spoke at the meeting

Deputy Director - Deputy Editor-in-Chief of BPTV Phan Van Thao spoke at the meeting
Vice Chairman of Phuoc Long Town People's Committee Nguyen Van Dung said: Through this run, Phuoc Long hopes to bring many interesting experiences to runners at home and abroad. The marathon also creates opportunities for the town's people to learn, interact, exercise, promote the spirit of sports, connect and exchange local and international cultures.
The first Binh Phuoc marathon - Truong Tuoi Group, in 2023, "Run of Champions" will be a promotional event, introducing the potential and strengths of Phuoc Long town in particular and Binh Phuoc province in particular. Together with investors coming to the heroic and resilient homeland of the "red land of the East" on the path to building an increasingly rich and beautiful locality.

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