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Mass grave of 3,000 people - "Monument" in the land of fire

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The great victory in the spring of 1975 opened a new era, forever a source of pride, urging every Vietnamese person to promote the revolutionary heroism of the Ho Chi Minh era to bring the country to develop quickly and sustainably during the period. new.
But war, loss, pain!. To have the intact shape of the S-shaped strip of land as it is today, countless sweat and blood of heroic martyrs and innocent people have fallen. The national historical and cultural relic of the mass grave of 3,000 people in Binh Long town, Binh Phuoc province is a testament. With the determination to keep Binh Long, because Binh Long was gone, Saigon was no longer there, the US increased bombing, including using B52 aircraft and caused the deaths of thousands of people in this area.

National historical and cultural relic of the mass grave of 3,000 people in the center of Binh Long town, Binh Phuoc province

Mr. Nguyen Van Dau, Chairman of Binh Long Town Retired Police Club, a son of this land, devoted his entire youth to the peace and freedom of the nation. He and his comrades "tasted honey and lay down thorns", fought and defeated the invading enemy right in the land where he was born. Above all, he was a direct participant in the Nguyen Hue campaign in 1972, witnessing the US imperialists' sweeping bombing on Vietnamese territory and the crimes they committed against thousands of people in the An Loc and Binh areas. Long at any time.

Mr. Dau said: "The ancient province of Binh Long was right at the gateway to Saigon, so the US defense network was very solid. America must by all means keep Binh Long. However, with the "3-pronged attack" strategy of our army and people, the US imperialists and their henchmen fled in confusion. About a week later, they began to recover, defend and fight back fiercely. American helicopters shoot every time they see a shadow of a person. They bombed churches and hospitals, where most people were gathering to avoid artillery shells and receive medical treatment... After the war ended, to deal with the number of deaths in 32 days and nights (from 13- April to May 15, 1972) during the Nguyen Hue campaign, the Republic of Vietnam used a plow to bulldoze 3 deep holes to bury the corpses after gathering them, forming a mass grave of 3,000 people.

In a prime location, right in the central ward of Binh Long town, the revolutionary base area, the National Historical and Cultural Monument of 3,000 people was invested in solid construction with many auxiliary works. in open space. The work reminds those who pass here and those who have visited this place about a period of painful revolutionary struggle of the nation. About the losses and sacrifices of our army and people to achieve peace, freedom and territorial sovereignty like today. A historical "witness", an "iron proof" of the crimes of US imperialism during the war of aggression in Vietnam.


Monument and mass grave of 3,000 people in An Loc ward, Binh Long town, Binh Phuoc province

The entire relic site is more than 4,000 square meters, including a mass grave, where thousands of innocent people were buried in the ancient An Loc town area, including soldiers of the Republic of Vietnam. That is the terrible consequence that American soldiers caused on Vietnamese territory. More than 3,000 innocent An Loc people fell, the consequence of 32 days and nights of crazy American raids on Vietnam during the Nguyen Hue campaign to keep Binh Long to keep Saigon. However, "using intelligence to replace violence", even though the US used modern and advanced means with B52 raids, all unjust wars failed. Highway 13 was liberated and opened, the main Vietnamese army marched towards Saigon, achieving a great victory in the spring of 1975, completely liberating the South and reunifying the country.

Located in the midst of urban prosperity, the relic site has a majestic and majestic monument that stands tall like the rebellious spirit and unshakable will to fight for revolution of the army and people of An Loc, Binh Long and the whole country. shared. Embracing more than 3,000 innocent people, because the war never returned, the relic became a sacred land, a shining symbol that molded in the Vietnamese people's subconscious their national pride and sense of responsibility to the people. homeland.

National historical and cultural relic site of mass graves of 3,000 people in Binh Long town seen from above

The war has passed, but the witnesses are still there, thousands of families lost their children, wives lost their husbands, brothers lost their brothers. To commemorate, every year, thousands of people come here in silence, solemnity and emotion. They come here to respectfully bow and pay tribute to those who have sacrificed for the longevity of the nation. Fathers, mothers, wives... with the desire to find their loved ones again. Veterans return to visit old battlefields to confide in their fallen comrades. Boys and girls come here to admire brave people and understand more about the value of independence and freedom... But greater than all that is

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